Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Tips to take care once you reach 30

Soon I am going to turn 30 this month. Happily married, a son who has already started school and a loving husband and an awsum life giving me opportunities even then and now in my area of interest. I feel half of my life is lived enough and trust me I dont have any regrets, atleast not any major ones. 

Now when I am busy figuring out how to kickstart my dormant career and try to keep myself busy all the times, I start to feel that my body is not the same as it was before pregnancy. I start to feel tired so easily, have much less stamina and always complaining of aching feet and calves. And then I wonder about my body and ill effects of turning 30 already haunting me even before I have achieved that milestone. And then all those screams of senior advice start to haunt in my ears half of which I politely excused at the time of my delievery. And now I am bearing the consequences.

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It is rightly said that before anything else take care of your own body. A woman's body undergoes a lot of changes post giving birth to a baby and a woman needs to understand that post giving birth, dietary requirements of her body changes and of course her stamina decreases. 
Here are some tips to take care of your body after crossing 30 years of age:

Strong up your Bones : Once you hit 30, calcium density starts to decrease in your bones giving you plenty of problems like joint pain and arthritis. You need to eat diet rich in calcium and Vitamin D, Magnesium and folic acid. You can even take dietary supplements after consulting your doctor to meet daily minimum requirements

Exercise it up : Metabolism starts to decrease as we grow in age. We need to keep out body active as our body is growing and best way to do that is exercise and burn calories. This will keep your body and mind in an active state keeping you younger and energetic for many years to come.

Maintain Your Posture : This point reminds me of how my parents always stresses on walking staright, keeping my back straight while sitting. I hardly realised the importance till now and now I realise how important it is to keep my spine straight for a good posture which will keep my back pain free and make me look more smart and confident lady

Cut out on Junk : Cut out on all the junk you eat while on a shopping spree or in office. Start consuming fresh vegetables and fruits and try to make your plate as colourful as you can. Include green leafy vegetable, Yellow squash, Red tomatoes, green bell peppers etc. This will make you body free of radicals leaving you look more young
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Indulge in Skin care Regime :With all the stress and pollution outside, your skin is the first victim and starts to age much before. Indulge in daily cleansing and moisturising of you skin before going to bed. Make sure to have at-least 3 bottles of water everyday to make your skin soft, supple and glowing.

A little care of yourself will keep you fit and fine and in a happy state of mind.
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Kind of mums who come to pick up their child at Bus stop

Agree with me or not, But You will find all sorts of women or mums at school bus stop waiting for the bus to arrive and waiting to cuddle with their tired son/daughter. What fascinates me more is the different individuality of all these mums and how different everyone is from one another, although everyone is a SAHM and is raising their kids exceptionally well.

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Though I and my husband has shared our duties well I get up in the morning early and get my kid ready and go to drop him at the bus stop to board his school bus. And it’s my husband's duty to go and pick him up in the afternoon (He leaves for office late afternoon). Today when my husband had to leave for office a little early than usual, it was my turn to pick up our son at the bus stop. And I got to meet all the mums and be a part of their gossip talks. And I could easily differentiate between all kinds of mum existing in this world (If not all, at least some of them, No offence to anyone). Here the list goes:

1) My Son knows it all Mum: I can’t stop smiling when I write this and trust me she is the inspiration for this article. She goes like: My son knows all the poems and narrates wonderful stories in both the languages (Hindi and English). We were discussing an upcoming workshop on phonetics and here she added: "My son knows it all. He doesn’t need to go to these kinds of workshops and classes"
I just wonder if she is overconfident Mum or she has an exceptionally well doing son who knows it all.

2) Ever Complaining Mum: You will find her complaining on all topics and is never satisfied by anything and at home she is fed up of maid problems and nagging husband and on the other end she will always be wondering how teachers treat her child at school.

3) Always in Hurry Mum: This kind of mum you will meet often. She is juggling a lot of work single handedly and is always trying to compete with deadlines. She is rarely a part of everyday gossips as she is seen running towards the bus stop and always reaches when bus has already dropped the kids.

4) Extremely sincere and concerned Mum: Whenever you are seeking an advice, go to her and she will be there with a bag of advice for you and by the time school bus arrives, she would have given you a lot of solutions to your problems along with a lot of extra advice which you actually don’t need. :) Read on to how be a happy Mum

5) All messy Mum: This is one of my favorite categories. You will see a lady figure in her regular pajamas and a T-shirt with hair tied up in a bun. That’s the way she is. A relaxed Mom with a lot of self confidence and a way to go. She will be very friendly and you will find her having a hearty laugh with fellow mums.

6) Fashionable Mum: You will find this Mum all opposite of the last category. She is always nicely dressed with all the makeup put up on her face, Hair nicely done and matching jewellery. She is the attraction of the group and other mums envy her on how she manages to find time to stay so dressed up all the time when they are simply running here and there juggling everyday work.

And then I come back home and share all this with my hubby very excitedly and gets a reply: that’s the way it is everyday :)

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Tips to be a happy mom

Happy mum equals happy children. Dont you agree ? I swear by it. When I am happy, I see happiness all around and that reflects on my kid too. He behaves less fussy and is an entertainer all time around. My husband also reflects happiness and pampers me even more. Brownie points !! :)


Now 5 years spent raising a kid has changed me a lot and I have matured enough over time to be in charge of my happiness. I can confidently say that at times I can change situations around me and make my surrounding a happy place to live in.

Here are some tips to make you a lot happy

1) To keep myself happy, I will never ignore or let go of things or activities of my interest. I love to read and write, so I make sure that every day I take out at least 30 minutes to 1 hour just to get immersed in reading and writing blogs. I will keep my child busy with a game or coloring activity and sometimes I let him watch some extra TV to keep myself engrossed. Trust me, Doing something which I love, Keeps me rejuvenated and content.

2) Never Ever compromise on your sleep time. This is the worst thing which mothers do and that is not getting enough sleep. This is scientifically proved that how important adequate hours of sleep is for humans. Dont give up on your 8 hours of sleep regime. It actually recharges the brain cells and keeps you ready for never ending daily chores which requires your physical as well as mental endurance (Keeping in mind how much kids extract out of you)

3) Indulge in self Pampering. I glow a lot when I come back from parlor sessions. Pampering myself is the best thing which I do for myself. A simple haircut makes my day, so imagine when you come out of a salon all transformed from head to toe and start getting all the compliments, how would you feel!!! Obviously on a cloud nine. So, fix an appointment at a neighboring salon or a massage parlor and soak yourself in some indulgence.

4) Always have your Me time. Go out with your friends and spend a day just like you used to do during your college days. Spending time with your girlfriends can rejuvenate you the most keeping you away from all the family responsibilities and just be carefree like a little bird.

5) Now some serious Advice (Though earlier ones were also not a joke :)) Keep your home a organised place. When a house is messy, Moms tend to go more fussy trying to manage all at the same time. An organized place attracts positive energy and keeps everyone happy around.

6) Outsource : Dont try to be a super MOM. Dont try to do all by yourself. This will exhaust you and disappoint you in case you are not able to do all the tasks. So, dont worry about finding help to do some or all of household chores. A little help will save you a lot of energy and time which you can consume for yourself.

7) Set up a no cooking day. Once a week or every fortnight, order meal from outside and free yourself from kitchen. This will give you a break and rejuvenate you for the week ahead.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Oh Boy! You Are Grown Up Now

As much as I love to see my son as a preschooler and growing up so fast, I feel like
stopping time and lay mesmerized thinking about how I carried a little bundle of
life in my tummy and bringing him into this world as a tiny baby turning into a 
toddler and now a preschooler.It feels amazing to let my mind go back into a
flashback and all those memories of a tiny baby lying in my lap totally dependent on me.
As if that lil baby staring at me and saying "Who cares!!
I will pee and poop whenever and wherever I want.
My topmost duty is not to let you take a sigh of relief and to
always make you keep running on your toes mom. One day you are going to miss
all this."

Yes My Baby, I miss all those moments when you used to
lay in my lap with so much comfort. I miss that comfort when you use to calm down after crying out so loud just when I held you and hugged you.
Now I miss those nights when we used to play and laugh forgetting
that world is fast asleep as its midnight but who cares!! Our day just started.
And it was a ritual of you to wake up at around 4.00 am when we barely slept
for 2 hours. But ofcourse you needed your feed every couple of hours.
And then one day when I woke up early morning surprised to see you still sleeping.
Oh Boy!! 3 months already passed and you were getting adjusted to sleep for more than couple of hours. I still remember the day when you held your milk bottle all by yourself and didnt need me to lay by your side to hold your bottle. Oh, you stole that time which I got to spend with you. 
Once you started to crawl, you wanted me to run after you and once I caught you,
that used to be the time of endless laughter and hugs and kisses.
Now with your unmatched energy, I long for those endless moments of joy. 
Earlier your only playmate was me, I played with you and helped you know your
surrounding but now you are big enough to play games and make your own friends and explore on your own.
Dear Son, I take pride in watching you become a handsome boy but always remember that I will always miss that baby who became my reason of existence as soon as I was aware about his existence. As told to me by a well wisher, Hug and love your baby as much as you want, Later you will long to take him into your lap when he will grow up.