Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Kind of mums who come to pick up their child at Bus stop

Agree with me or not, But You will find all sorts of women or mums at school bus stop waiting for the bus to arrive and waiting to cuddle with their tired son/daughter. What fascinates me more is the different individuality of all these mums and how different everyone is from one another, although everyone is a SAHM and is raising their kids exceptionally well.

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Though I and my husband has shared our duties well I get up in the morning early and get my kid ready and go to drop him at the bus stop to board his school bus. And it’s my husband's duty to go and pick him up in the afternoon (He leaves for office late afternoon). Today when my husband had to leave for office a little early than usual, it was my turn to pick up our son at the bus stop. And I got to meet all the mums and be a part of their gossip talks. And I could easily differentiate between all kinds of mum existing in this world (If not all, at least some of them, No offence to anyone). Here the list goes:

1) My Son knows it all Mum: I can’t stop smiling when I write this and trust me she is the inspiration for this article. She goes like: My son knows all the poems and narrates wonderful stories in both the languages (Hindi and English). We were discussing an upcoming workshop on phonetics and here she added: "My son knows it all. He doesn’t need to go to these kinds of workshops and classes"
I just wonder if she is overconfident Mum or she has an exceptionally well doing son who knows it all.

2) Ever Complaining Mum: You will find her complaining on all topics and is never satisfied by anything and at home she is fed up of maid problems and nagging husband and on the other end she will always be wondering how teachers treat her child at school.

3) Always in Hurry Mum: This kind of mum you will meet often. She is juggling a lot of work single handedly and is always trying to compete with deadlines. She is rarely a part of everyday gossips as she is seen running towards the bus stop and always reaches when bus has already dropped the kids.

4) Extremely sincere and concerned Mum: Whenever you are seeking an advice, go to her and she will be there with a bag of advice for you and by the time school bus arrives, she would have given you a lot of solutions to your problems along with a lot of extra advice which you actually don’t need. :) Read on to how be a happy Mum

5) All messy Mum: This is one of my favorite categories. You will see a lady figure in her regular pajamas and a T-shirt with hair tied up in a bun. That’s the way she is. A relaxed Mom with a lot of self confidence and a way to go. She will be very friendly and you will find her having a hearty laugh with fellow mums.

6) Fashionable Mum: You will find this Mum all opposite of the last category. She is always nicely dressed with all the makeup put up on her face, Hair nicely done and matching jewellery. She is the attraction of the group and other mums envy her on how she manages to find time to stay so dressed up all the time when they are simply running here and there juggling everyday work.

And then I come back home and share all this with my hubby very excitedly and gets a reply: that’s the way it is everyday :)

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