Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Oh Boy! You Are Grown Up Now

As much as I love to see my son as a preschooler and growing up so fast, I feel like
stopping time and lay mesmerized thinking about how I carried a little bundle of
life in my tummy and bringing him into this world as a tiny baby turning into a 
toddler and now a preschooler.It feels amazing to let my mind go back into a
flashback and all those memories of a tiny baby lying in my lap totally dependent on me.
As if that lil baby staring at me and saying "Who cares!!
I will pee and poop whenever and wherever I want.
My topmost duty is not to let you take a sigh of relief and to
always make you keep running on your toes mom. One day you are going to miss
all this."

Yes My Baby, I miss all those moments when you used to
lay in my lap with so much comfort. I miss that comfort when you use to calm down after crying out so loud just when I held you and hugged you.
Now I miss those nights when we used to play and laugh forgetting
that world is fast asleep as its midnight but who cares!! Our day just started.
And it was a ritual of you to wake up at around 4.00 am when we barely slept
for 2 hours. But ofcourse you needed your feed every couple of hours.
And then one day when I woke up early morning surprised to see you still sleeping.
Oh Boy!! 3 months already passed and you were getting adjusted to sleep for more than couple of hours. I still remember the day when you held your milk bottle all by yourself and didnt need me to lay by your side to hold your bottle. Oh, you stole that time which I got to spend with you. 
Once you started to crawl, you wanted me to run after you and once I caught you,
that used to be the time of endless laughter and hugs and kisses.
Now with your unmatched energy, I long for those endless moments of joy. 
Earlier your only playmate was me, I played with you and helped you know your
surrounding but now you are big enough to play games and make your own friends and explore on your own.
Dear Son, I take pride in watching you become a handsome boy but always remember that I will always miss that baby who became my reason of existence as soon as I was aware about his existence. As told to me by a well wisher, Hug and love your baby as much as you want, Later you will long to take him into your lap when he will grow up.

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