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Tips to take care once you reach 30

Soon I am going to turn 30 this month. Happily married, a son who has already started school and a loving husband and an awsum life giving me opportunities even then and now in my area of interest. I feel half of my life is lived enough and trust me I dont have any regrets, atleast not any major ones. 

Now when I am busy figuring out how to kickstart my dormant career and try to keep myself busy all the times, I start to feel that my body is not the same as it was before pregnancy. I start to feel tired so easily, have much less stamina and always complaining of aching feet and calves. And then I wonder about my body and ill effects of turning 30 already haunting me even before I have achieved that milestone. And then all those screams of senior advice start to haunt in my ears half of which I politely excused at the time of my delievery. And now I am bearing the consequences.

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It is rightly said that before anything else take care of your own body. A woman's body undergoes a lot of changes post giving birth to a baby and a woman needs to understand that post giving birth, dietary requirements of her body changes and of course her stamina decreases. 
Here are some tips to take care of your body after crossing 30 years of age:

Strong up your Bones : Once you hit 30, calcium density starts to decrease in your bones giving you plenty of problems like joint pain and arthritis. You need to eat diet rich in calcium and Vitamin D, Magnesium and folic acid. You can even take dietary supplements after consulting your doctor to meet daily minimum requirements

Exercise it up : Metabolism starts to decrease as we grow in age. We need to keep out body active as our body is growing and best way to do that is exercise and burn calories. This will keep your body and mind in an active state keeping you younger and energetic for many years to come.

Maintain Your Posture : This point reminds me of how my parents always stresses on walking staright, keeping my back straight while sitting. I hardly realised the importance till now and now I realise how important it is to keep my spine straight for a good posture which will keep my back pain free and make me look more smart and confident lady

Cut out on Junk : Cut out on all the junk you eat while on a shopping spree or in office. Start consuming fresh vegetables and fruits and try to make your plate as colourful as you can. Include green leafy vegetable, Yellow squash, Red tomatoes, green bell peppers etc. This will make you body free of radicals leaving you look more young
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Indulge in Skin care Regime :With all the stress and pollution outside, your skin is the first victim and starts to age much before. Indulge in daily cleansing and moisturising of you skin before going to bed. Make sure to have at-least 3 bottles of water everyday to make your skin soft, supple and glowing.

A little care of yourself will keep you fit and fine and in a happy state of mind.
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