Wednesday, 29 June 2016

A trip without Husband and Kiddo

I happened to go on a 2 day trip to Mcleodganj and this trip was without the kiddo accompanying me. He stayed back at his nani's place along with his Mausi and Mama. Initially we (Me and his dad) both were quite apprehensive about the idea but we managed to come over our fear. And here I was in Mcleodganj without my husband and the kiddo.

Trust me, it was one of the best trips I had in recent past only because I could be all myself and did whatever I wanted to. There was no one to take care of and I was as carefree as I could be. Initially I was skeptical about my feelings but gradually took control over my feelings when I went through this unforgettable trip with people I never expected to go along with.
Dalai Lama, Monastry
Mausaji, Papa and me (L to R)

Though this was not a planned vacation but it was a trip to a beautiful hill station to visit a Tibetan Ayurvedic doctor. This was a short 2 day trip worth memorable for a life time. My group was the most unusual one - we 4 from the same family and everyone without their partner. And we were amazed and thrilled after realizing that. 
Hills, Mcleodganj
Papa, Sagar and ofcourse Me :)

The best part of the trip was I didn’t have to worry about the comfort of a kid. I didn’t have to worry about a glass of milk every morning and evening. There was no fuss of food in breakfast, lunch or dinner. I didn’t have to take care of kid's demand of their particular food (Yes, they can ask for chapatti and dal in the mountains which they never have at home). I could try every kind of bizarre or rather local food at an absurd corner cafe or street side food without having to worry about the quality of outside food. I could experiment with any kind of food being all alone.
Yummiest breakfast

The major attraction of all the cafe and hotels there was availability of a local mini library. You could just go to the cafe, order a ginger lemon honey tea, and sit back and relax reading your favorite book and a view of deodar covering the mountains. Being along with the kiddo, I could not have enjoyed this luxury and same with hubby who has opposite interests to mine when it comes to reading books. 
Love reading, Books
Love Books

I could roam around in the market being carefree without having to run after the kiddo who can be extra naughty in the market. I didn’t have to worry about listening to the demands of everything those small eyes see. It hardly matters why they want but main reason they want something is because they like to see it. 

I could just relax my mind without having to worry about my lil kiddo having a good and comfortable time. When I go to for vacations with him, all I have in my mind is whether kiddo is hungry, if he is tired or sleepy, or to make it worse when he wants to roam around when I am too tired.  And the hit point is when kiddo wants to go back home and it is still 2 days to go for vacations to end. 

I could go for a trek or walk over steep hills enjoying the walk. On the other hand, along with the kid, I and dear hubby would have been taking turns while carrying the kiddo on our shoulders to ease stress on their little feet. And who in this world enjoys this kind of trek over the mountains. If you happen to come across someone like this, do let me know. It will make me feel better and I might consider taking the kiddo on my next solo vacation. OOpS !!!

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