Monday, 22 February 2016

My Idea of a perfect Day

When I was in college, I hated to wake up early and having a set routine. And now being a mummy of an adorable boy, I love to have a set daily routine so that my day goes smooth and fuss free. After all it’s not easy to handle two boys alone (other one being my dear hubby).  When I follow a routine, I find myself fully productive at the end of the day. My house looks clean and kid happy. My kitchen stays organized and I don’t have to go to sleep.

Earlier when my baby was born 4 years ago, I had a help who used to do all the chores - washing cleaning and cooking. I just had to take care of my new born, though that was a task in itself. Fact is I did not have any time for any other household chore while taking care of my baby all alone. I still remember that lady and wish for her to come back :)

But now I cook on my own for my family, my baby is a preschooler and goes to school, in short, my mornings are more busy than ever before. Only relief is that my husband doesn’t leave for office in morning but afternoon. With time I learnt to manage my time and all the chores to be done in time saving manner. If I am not able to find some time for myself alone, I go crazy. 

So, here it goes how I spend my Ideal Day so that you, your baby and whole family time is organized:

1) Wake up Early. By early, I mean not in wee hours of morning but at least 1 hour before your family      wakes up. Trust me that this is the magic to make your day really fruitful.  I love to wake up at 6 AM and first thing I do is to take a glass of lukewarm water with half a lemon squeezed into it. It does wonders to my mood and makes me happy. Nothing is comparable to standing in my balcony, watching sunrise and changing hues of sky and magical chirping of birds.


2) Prepare your Breakfast and Lunch : After charging myself up, I start to prepare breakfast and lunch and pack my child’s Tiffin and prepare a glass of milk for him. It takes approx 45 mints to 1 hour and my target is to get the meals prepared before I go to wake up the kid.  Trust me, Once you have prepared your breakfast and lunch, you have saved the valuable time of your day. 

3) Once I am done with the kitchen work, I go ahead to wake up my son and I make sure he is awake at least 1 hour before his Bus arrival time. It ensures that he takes his bath properly and eats his breakfast too. Nothing is more worrisome that watching your child go to school empty stomach. 
We also do some light exercise to energize our day.

4) Once I see off my child to school at 8.15 am, I am free for another 2 hours as my hubby works till midnight and wakes up really late at around 10 AM. These 2 hours is the golden time for me who I spend eating breakfast, browsing internet and of course writing. This is the time when I am 100 % productive while writing. I feel just happy and content.

And once my hubby wakes up, usual routine starts of serving him bed tea and chit chatting for hours with each other. Now the point is that during the days when I don’t wake up early and do as above, I just keep rushing to do the chores. 

And moreover, I just get stuck in the kitchen preparing separate meals for breakfast and lunch and by the time my son comes back from school, he finds his mom too tired to listen to his stories and play and study with him.

By following this routine, I ensure that my family is happy along with me as I am able to find my Me time as well which actually keeps me happy.

Do let me know about your ideal Routine too!!!
Till Then Bye and Take Care!!

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