Sunday, 21 February 2016

Ways to entertain your preschooler at home

This is so difficult to keep my son busy throughout when he comes back home from school. Earlier his routine was like below:

> Come back home and give mummy a big hug
> Throw the bag away and look out for mom's or dad's phone
> Open YouTube and start to watch cartoons
> Continue till the time mom offers to go out in the park (even if it means 6 PM)

Somewhere inside my conscience was hitting me that whatever is happening is not right. Throughout the day he was busy watching Doraemon and he was so much influenced by him that sometimes in his dreams he was talking to Bonita and Doraemon.

And then one day Mommy waved her magical wand and I literally listed out all the activities that could keep him occupied and his screen time could be reduced. Below are some of them which you can actually try according to your own convenience:

1) Get a bunch of Coloring books and show them tour kid. You can even get your kid to choose the set of Coloring books while buying. It will give them a sense of ownership and they will be happy to play with crayons and sketch pens. It also improves their creativity and let them explore on their own.

2) A set of Blocks is simply great to keep kids busy. Lately my kid has been using his blocks to make different alphabets and he feels proud to show his creativity. Blocks are actually a great tool for kids to use their imagination and make innovative things out of them. Trust me, you will be surprised.

3) Let them explore Scrapping. Give your kids some colorful pages out of old magazines or newspapers and let them create some beautiful scrapbooks. You may find this little messy keeping in mind the glue which is involved in this activity but in the last you will find this activity really fun for them and alone time for you.

4) Puzzles and Scrabble also helps to keep a child busy along with helping them improve their analytical skills.

5) Let them help you with Cooking, Gardening or any other household chore in which they have interest. In this way they will be involved with you in addition to evolving their choice of hobbies.

I hope these ideas help you to keep your child busy at home and not let them get bore. In case you have some more interesting ideas, let me know in comments. Looking forward to read how you keep your active preschooler busy at home.

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