Sunday, 22 May 2016

Volunteering - Changed the Outlook towards LIFE

As I entered the training room, I saw people across all age groups. I was little apprehensive but a lot excited to meet new people. I greeted my trainer and she asked me to take a seat. As I sat I looked around. I saw a group of youngsters chatting and laughing with each other. There was a quiet lady sitting on my left who looked like in her mid thirties. There wast another lady with white hair and wearing a crisp starched cotton saaree and later I got to know that she is a retired English teacher and currently pursuing a long distance course on counselling.  There was another girl who was in her mid twenties who had just quit her job as head of marketing and now she started to write a book and was learning spanish..

I just realised that this is not going to be a regular training course. But these 8 days of training are going to change my outlook towards the life. And today when I am writing this, its already been 4 days of training. Now everyone is more comfortable with each other and everyone is so amazed with each other. The best part of this training programme is that nobody is here because of good salary or a good job position. But because every one wants to do this job by  heart and everyone wants to contribute to the society. All the people right here are from different professions and have different outlook towards life maybe, but one thing unites them all and that is - Compassion. And I am proud of myself to be a part of this group.

When I read about Teach India 2 years ago, I immediately knew that I have to do it but could not due to some travel pre plans. Last year I totally forgot about it and this year when I read about the summer cycle, I had already started working full time. But I had to quit the job due to some reasons and I finally got a chance to volunteer to teach the underprivileged youth to get them employed.

As I started with the training and I am already half way through it, I am more determined to commit to 100 days of teaching. I feel responsive to the society and I am proud to be one of very few who are contributing towards the society without expecting anything in return. 

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