Thursday, 26 May 2016

Journey from Sahm to a working MOM

I was a full time MOM since last 5 years. If I say I loved being at home with my baby, I would be Lying. Though I had no worries and I was concentrating on my baby and home, still there was an empty corner inside my heart. I felt something missing inside me. At times I would vent out my frustration on my husband. Its all because I was not raised to be a housewife.

When I got my first job which included night shifts, my parents never objected to it. They always guided me to be self dependent but always trusted my decisions related to life. They taught me never to depend on anyone and live an independent life.

Though I was happy to be with my baby, but with a void in my heart. And when I got this opportunity to work as a Communication Trainer, I knew inside my heart that this is the one job I have been waiting for ever since.  All the circumstances seemed to fit in with each other. My kid has started to go to school and we were more comfortable leaving him at the day care.

First few days were not so hectic, thanks to my parents in law who offered to stay with us for few days so that I could make this transition smoothly. I did not have to worry about my kid as I started to go to office.

First few days were quite apprehensive. Though, I thoroughly enjoyed the change brought in my life. I felt more confident and a person whose contributions are valued. I was introduced to new people, I felt responsible for tasks assigned to me and was an asset for the company, and for which I feel so proud.

Now, Its been almost a month I am going to office, I see so many changes inside me. I feel proud when I hear my child saying that my Mom goes to office.  The biggest change I have seen in myself is that I am not a lazy person any more. I get up early in the morning and First thing I do after waking up is take a shower and that recharges me immediately. I have become more organized and I manage my time quite efficiently now. I am more patient and feel more responsible.

Personally I feel, Every person should have a contribution to the society. When I stopped working and became a housewife, even then I was responsible for my husband and my child but I didnt enjoy doing household chores. I have seen many mums doing household chores with same enthusiasm as I would work in my office. So its the personal choice but at last I would like to sum up by saying that women's inputs should matter and they should contribute towards society in any form and not just be responsible for their family well being.

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