Wednesday, 25 May 2016

What being alone means to a Mom

When I wanted to take a break, it meant that I want to stay alone. No cries of my baby, No requests to get a glass of water from my hubby... No distractions at all at my home. Earlier, everyone thought that this is a wierd idea and not a feasible one. No body wanted me to live alone. Even my parents suggested to visit them for those days when my husband along with our son was going outstation to visit his parents. But I denied it all and chose to stay at home all alone exploring myself.

Below are some reasons why I chose to stay alone and how staying alone improved my outlook towards life:

1) No Dependency : This was the biggest joy of living alone. First day I was day dreaming of my son's cries asking for something or the other. And then I realised there is no one at home and no one is going to call out mommy to even get a bottle of water. At time, Moms are being taken for granted and everyone at home is so dependent on her that she hardly takes rest and is always on her toes. Being alone made me realize how peaceful life can be.

2) Indulge in my hobbies : I could write without any disturbance and distraction. That was the biggest achievement for me. At the same time, I was amazed to realize that there is no one to disturb me again and again and I can do something of my choice without any interruption in between.

3) Indulge in food : Another remarkable thing which surprised me was that I had forgotten how to enjoy food. I just realised my favourite food and instead of spending time in the kitchen, I ordered food from my favourite restaurant and enjoyed it.

4) Focus on work : I was attending a daily 8 hour training session and when i used to come back home, I was all exhausted but I could rest without any external forces acting upon me and I was again charged up after taking a short nap. I didn't have to prepare dinner for anyone and ate what I liked. Sometimes I even had some sandwich and tea for dinner which was all OK for me.

5) Recharge myself : Yes, This is so true. I invited my best friend and she came over to me place for the weekend and I had most chilled out weekend ever. I relaxed and pampered myself, spent some time just doing nothing and had hearty talk with my friend.

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6) Last but not the least, I became more compassionate with my husband and Son. I wanted to have some Me quality time and when I got that, I was equally concerned about the well being of my husband and son. I cherish their presence in my life even more now.

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