Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Tips to be a happy mom

Happy mum equals happy children. Dont you agree ? I swear by it. When I am happy, I see happiness all around and that reflects on my kid too. He behaves less fussy and is an entertainer all time around. My husband also reflects happiness and pampers me even more. Brownie points !! :)


Now 5 years spent raising a kid has changed me a lot and I have matured enough over time to be in charge of my happiness. I can confidently say that at times I can change situations around me and make my surrounding a happy place to live in.

Here are some tips to make you a lot happy

1) To keep myself happy, I will never ignore or let go of things or activities of my interest. I love to read and write, so I make sure that every day I take out at least 30 minutes to 1 hour just to get immersed in reading and writing blogs. I will keep my child busy with a game or coloring activity and sometimes I let him watch some extra TV to keep myself engrossed. Trust me, Doing something which I love, Keeps me rejuvenated and content.

2) Never Ever compromise on your sleep time. This is the worst thing which mothers do and that is not getting enough sleep. This is scientifically proved that how important adequate hours of sleep is for humans. Dont give up on your 8 hours of sleep regime. It actually recharges the brain cells and keeps you ready for never ending daily chores which requires your physical as well as mental endurance (Keeping in mind how much kids extract out of you)

3) Indulge in self Pampering. I glow a lot when I come back from parlor sessions. Pampering myself is the best thing which I do for myself. A simple haircut makes my day, so imagine when you come out of a salon all transformed from head to toe and start getting all the compliments, how would you feel!!! Obviously on a cloud nine. So, fix an appointment at a neighboring salon or a massage parlor and soak yourself in some indulgence.

4) Always have your Me time. Go out with your friends and spend a day just like you used to do during your college days. Spending time with your girlfriends can rejuvenate you the most keeping you away from all the family responsibilities and just be carefree like a little bird.

5) Now some serious Advice (Though earlier ones were also not a joke :)) Keep your home a organised place. When a house is messy, Moms tend to go more fussy trying to manage all at the same time. An organized place attracts positive energy and keeps everyone happy around.

6) Outsource : Dont try to be a super MOM. Dont try to do all by yourself. This will exhaust you and disappoint you in case you are not able to do all the tasks. So, dont worry about finding help to do some or all of household chores. A little help will save you a lot of energy and time which you can consume for yourself.

7) Set up a no cooking day. Once a week or every fortnight, order meal from outside and free yourself from kitchen. This will give you a break and rejuvenate you for the week ahead.

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