Sunday, 26 June 2016

First Day of volunteering

As I entered the narrow and busy lanes of Sangam Vihar, I was scared. I was disappointed. Those lanes were very scary. There were shabby people sitting on the pavement, Thela valas standing here and there and staring with their round and brown eyes. They had blank expression and were staring fearlessly straight into our eyes.

It was a dreadful walk towards our NGO and last stretch which we crossed was a small by lane covered with garbage and mosquitoes and flies showing a scene to your vision.

With a heavy breath and hands covering our mouth and nose, we finally reached our destination. it was a worn out building with patches of paint left on the walls describing a modern art. Our NGO was in the basement of this building and we came across a black wrought iron gate and as we tried to push it open, we realized that it was locked. Hands of my watch striked exactly at 9 and we were surprised not to find anyone there. The moment I was dialing supervisor's number, We saw a lady who is the coordinator of this NGO, walking towards us. She opened the lock with a guilty smile as if she has been caught stealing something.

Finally the moment arrived and we entered our classroom and were greeted by two girls in their shy voice. Though they were hesitant while talking to us but their face reflected a determination to learn to speak English and achieve something in life. As we were interacting with them, more students started to come into the classroom and finally we had a group of 8 learners ready to embark their journey of learning to speak English.

Shenaz, who is my buddy for this project, and I started the session with full enthusiasm and were able to break the silence. eventually learners started  to overcome their shyness and started to respond in English and started to interact as well. They were eager to form sentences in English and we helped them to convey their thoughts in English which actually boosted their confidence.

Teach India

We spent around 2 hours with them and during those 2 hours, we forgot the struggle we faced in the morning to reach this place. At the end of the session, our sweetest reward was smile on th face of our learners and determination in their heart to be self dependent in their lives.

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