Monday, 15 February 2016

Opportunity for SAHM who wants more !!!

I will be honest and would reply in negative if asked I am content being a stay at home mom. Of course I am not. I am not happy being at home all day long just taking care of my home and family. I want to do things which make me feel happy and where I feel at ease. I want to be a contributor. But because I have some aspirations outside my home doesn’t make me a bad mommy. I love my family and baby equally. I just want to retain my identity which was before marriage and kids. 

There are a lot of woman out there who are happily taking care of their kids and family and have given up on their career. Only because there was no option left behind. Either they could take care of their new born bundle of joy or be outside home at work. Of course, most of the women opt to give up their career. And they just forget who they are actually.

Thanks to technology nowadays, things have changed dramatically. We have lot of options coming up which we can do right from the comfort of our own house. It has made our lives so much easier. We can manage our family and work simultaneously. Even big companies are offering new mums to work from home in their own comfort zone. There is a big transition for mums for actually being an all-rounder.

When my some was born, I happily gave up my career to stay at home full time and raise him. But within one year I started to feel something missing inside me. I could not be just a housewife for my whole life. (Though being a housewife in itself is a big thing which not all can be... A big Toast to all housewives around the world !!!) I started to explore internet to find a job. For 1 long year, I just browsed internet looking for opportunities which could be suitable to me and timings which I wanted.  
And one day, I clicked this Online Tutoring website and gave the interview and got employed as an Online English Tutor. I was working from home according to my own comfortable timings and my kid was being taken care of by his father. Of course I chose the timings when my husband was at home and could take care of baby. Husband's support was a boon for me that time. 

In the last I would say, if we keep looking for options, we will certainly not be confined to the boundaries of our house and will be able to make our own identity. I will come up with some exciting opportunities for stay at home mums in my next blog. 
Till then take care and do share your experiences in the comments. Looking forward to read what you have to say.
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