Monday, 15 February 2016

Things I regret not doing when I was pregnant

When I got to know that I am carrying another life inside me, I was really shocked. I didn’t expect it at all. After all I never wished to be pregnant immediately after my marriage. Even my husband was not prepared for it. But somehow we consoled (Yes we did!!) each other and decided mutually to carry on with this pregnancy. You can say we were really immature for not seeking out advice from experienced people or may be a doctor. 

Now when my son is 4 year old and I am a bit mature after these 4 hears and look around, I do miss lot of things which I didn’t do at the time of my pregnancy to make it more enjoyable (After all those spurs of vomiting and backache and mood swings of course).  

Below is a list of things which I wish I had done during my first pregnancy:

1) No Dresses:The first thing which I miss is wearing oh those beautiful Maxi dresses. These dresses are so comfortable on a preggy woman and they make your bump look even cuter. I was always at my home wearing my PJ's and t-shirt and when with my in-laws, I was wearing those boring loose kurtis.

2) No Photo-shoots:  I wish I had got a photo-shoot dome of my cute baby bump along with my husband. Now when I look around, I see enthusiastic TO BE Mothers getting there photo-shoot done to seal these memories in the form of prints forever.

3) No Baby moon: Oh, this is just a fancy name given to a specific vacation before your baby arrives in this world.  It is a perfect vacation telling you to relax and unwind before a lil one arrives who will literally keep you on your toes day and night.

4) Diet check: Diet is the most important thing you have to take care when you are expecting. You are supposed to take a highly nutritious and balanced diet to nurture the life which is growing inside you. I didn’t keep a check on what I am eating and at last I ended up consuming more carbohydrates than anything else. And it reflected on my Post Delivery weight. I agree that you should eat whatever your heart desires at the time you are expecting but take care to take all the nutrients in a balanced form. We tend to neglect Vitamins and Proteins which are actually equally needed at the time of pregnancy. If required, consult a Dietician who can actually tell you daily nutritional requirements.

5) Not Joining Prenatal yoga classes:  These classes are organized by specialized coaches who are expert in yoga for expecting ladies. It not only relaxes you and keep you active but also help you to ease your labor.


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