Wednesday, 17 February 2016

When we yelled at each other in front of our kid!!!

How hard it is to know that we as parents are setting wrong examples in front of our kids. Sometimes it happens that we don’t even realize ourselves doing it and give a free piece of advice to someone who commits the same crime. Aaarrgghh... Pity on me!!


Today as soon as my son came back from school, I and hubby started to argue on layers of clothing which Aariv was wearing. Of course mothers will be mothers. It reminds me of a funny phrase "Amount of cold a child is feeling is directly proportional to how much cold mother is feeling".
Coming back to my point, hubby started to freak out that weather is changing and and it’s not that cold now and here I was giving my own justifications. In the process we didn’t realize what a bad example we are setting in front of our child. A married couple who doesn’t respect each other's opinion and who continue to nag with each other.

All of a sudden, we heard Aariv shouting upon us to keep quiet and trust me it was way too embarrassing. I was totally aghast when I realized what we as parents were doing and its impact on the little mind. Quickly both of us regained our composure and made the situation as normal as it was before. And we promised each other that we are never going to discuss our differences in front of our child. 

After a while when hubby was off to office and I was relaxing and about to take a nap, this thought started to haunt my mind. I was continuously thinking about it as if I committed a crime. And then my inner self called out, though it’s not a crime but neither it’s less than that. Kids have such fragile minds and whatever we portray in front of him as his parents, he is going to implement same in his life. If we don’t respect each other, how can we expect him to do the same with people in his life?
I just wondered if kids might feel insecure when parents yell at each other in front of them. After all, kids feel most secure around their parents. And imagine when we as parents break that comfort zone for our kids. comforting atmosphere at home.
In the last and that too for the best parenting experience we as parents promised each other not to yell in front of our kid and respect each other. 

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