Thursday, 18 February 2016

Fussy Day

Today morning I woke up to the aroma of fresh and cool air and sound of light shower outside. Yes, It was raining and rain drops made the surroundings as fresh and beautiful as it could. Along with that melodious chirping of birds fell into my ears and I stretched with a smile on my face.

And then I called up Aariv to wake up and told him its raining. And trust me, he jumped out of the bed and rushed to the balcony to witness rain. Yes he loves to drench in rain.

Then usual routine started and I got him ready to go to school. And we came out of our building to go to the bus stop with an Umbrella in my hand along with his school bag and water bottle.  Yes,, I admit, I do pamper him a lot :)

Overall it was a beautiful start to a wonderful day and while walking towards his bus stop, I realized that this is the first chance when he is going to school while its raining heavily. He was equally excited taking care of his steps so that he doesnt step on potholes filled with water and make his uniform dirty. 

kids love rain

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