Sunday, 26 June 2016

Is the life different or our outlook towards it ??

. Earlier I was the one was available to my kid 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. I use to get a lot of criticism saying that he will not be able to open up. He will remain an introvert throughout his life. He used to be called as mumma's chipku.

It was my fault as well. I raised him keeping him with me always. I never went out with my friends alone. Every time I went to meet my girlfriends, he accompanied me. With time, I started to feel wrapped in rope and not free. That was the first time, I enrolled myself in a 2 hour chocolate making workshop. It was sunday and I had convinced his dad to take care of him. Trust me, convincing dad was the tough thing. He was quite apprehensive staying at home alone with a 6 month old baby.

And then the trend continued. Once, when baby was more than an year old, a rafting trip was organized by hubby's office colleagues. I was super excited for this trip. The extent of my excitement was so much that I agreed to send the baby with his grandparents to their hometown. And off he went. That was the night when my husband returned from office and found me sobbing loudly inside my blanket. And he could not control me. Whole day I had spent on bed doing nothing. The day looked so long and empty to me. I had nothing to do when baby was not around. I felt a part of me missing from myself which actually made me go mad.

Now, the next day instead of going to Rishikesh, I was boarding a flight to my Inlaws hometown to go to my baby. Even today, when I think of that incident, I quietly laugh on my self and feel funny about it.

Now the kiddo is 4 years old and he has spent a part of his summer vacations at grandparent's house all alone. And this time, I was very much at peace and enjoyed the solace. I enjoyed the quiet time available to me and I literally went into dormant state rejuvenating myself.

I even went for a vacation without my kiddo and though I was a little apprehensive about the idea of going without him, I thoroughly enjoyed the time and at the same time, Kiddo was having funtime at Nani's place.

Inshort, I realized, its all about being secure and placing yourself in situations which seem difficult or impossible to you but at the end you will be surprised to see how content everyone and everything is.

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Cheers to Mom's....... ;-)

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