Sunday, 26 June 2016

60 --- Really a number of retirement

As I grew, I knew that at the age of 60, people retire from their work or job. During morning assembly in school, we clapped for teachers who were retiring and saw them recieving bouquets of flowers and happily giving a speech. (Though we never cared for a word they said, it was always a pain in ass to stand under the scorching heat of sun).  As time passed by, I learnt that we do some savings to live our post retirement life without any tension.

As people retire, most of them already have their grandchildren and they dream of spending life playing those little kids. they try to match their energy levels but stop running after a shorter while holding their aching knees. This phase of life is truely relaxing in every sense. One gets to see the ripened fruit which they have sown during one's youth.
Retirement, Life

I met a retired English teacher during a 10 day's long workshop.

She is a smart and elegant woman who was attending this workshop. When I talked to her, my outlook of retirement was totally changed. She never had expected the conventional pot retirement life. When I got a chance to chat with her, I got to know that she has enrolled herself for a counselling programme through a long distance course and along with that she was here to teach spoken English to the underpriviledged people. She just could not sit idle at home. Her idea of life was to continously learn and contribute towards the society.

I was forced to contemplate my thoughts after talking to her. After that, everyday when I saw her in the morning during that workshop, I could feel a positive mindset in her spirit. I went through a picture of retired people taking a walk in the park. Till now I had this kind of image of retired people in my mind ---- relaxng, eating and sleeping at home, going for a stroll in the park along with a bunch of retired men and laughing over silly matters or discussing and having heated debates over politics.
But their learning curve has just stopped.

I learnt the true meaning of the phrase- "Learning is a continous process" only ecause of this lady. She taught me that age is never a matter of concern but the main point is how we go on in the life.

As they say - Life goes on, but its upto you where you take it.

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