Thursday, 19 May 2016

I am not mean and selfish If I want to stay alone for a while - MOM

As I say goodbye to my husband who is travelling to his home town along with our kid, I am left alone in the house. I get some butterflies in my tummy but thats alrite. He didn't want to leave me alone and wanted me to go along with him but that was not possible because of my particular commitments. 

Was I feeling left alone? Sad?   No!!!!

selfish Mom

I was really happy and looking forward to those days all alone at home. I will live my life all over again and will explore myself. 

Mums who express their feelings to have their own ME time are often looked down upon. We tend to hear these kind of comments "Doesn't she care about her kid", "Oh!! she is  so selfish. She is only thinking about herself".

But I feel, If a woman thinks about only herself, she would rather never give birth to babies. Now, when a woman has a baby to take care of, she will do it with all selfless love. Being a mum myself, I know how was the first year. There was no schedule for me. I was taking breakfast in afternoon time and lunch at dinner. And of course, there was no time for dinner. After some time, the woman goes insane. So it is very crucial for a mum to take a break, explore herself, indulge in hobbies and have all alone Me Time. Of course, as I am enjoying my Me Time now.

Me time helps a mum to slow down the otherwise active and charged pace of life. It helps her to bring her mind to calmness and serenity. A mum can actually restore her lost energy and is ready to bang on after a short break.

Being on a break for few days doesnt make her less of a mum. It doesnt brings down the love and affection for her babies. Instead she is very secure with her feelings. She will be more responsive to her children if she is content.

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