Thursday, 26 May 2016

Wider perspective in our Life

When we look around ourselves, we see people with happy faces. When we are roaming around in malls and market, we see couples holding hands and walking, a group of friends laughing loudly and having a good time and some families spending time with each other. many a times we think of them as so lucky in life with so much happiness and they enjoying and living their life to the fullest. 

That was the moment after which I am still getting goosebumps on my skin. We were a group of 6 members and were given a task to counsel each other. We all started by sharing the most emotional moment where we were stucked and were clueless on which direction to choose. Firstly, I was clueless about the incident which I wanted to share and then as one girl started to share her antidotes, she became tooo emotional and tears came in her eyes. And trust me, she was the most fun loving girl of our group. As she went on about her story, I went through first impression I had of her. I was envious of her on how she is living life on her own terms and doing what she loves the most. But as she started to tell us how she struggled in life made me think how everyone has that emotional dent in their heart. 

As my turn came to share my story, I was already in emotional shock after hearing one story, that I started to narrate the most difficult time of my life. As I started, I had no clue what I am going to say, But my heart started to pour out all the emotions all by itself. And I realised that yes, this was the most traumatic moment of my life but I never shared it with anyone or rather categorised it.

And then everyone started pouring out their emotions and shared their most personal story and all of us were just kept our ears on and listened without judging each other.

Life, Perspective, Judgment

Sometimes when we are stuck in a situation or when we have to take a difficult decision, all friends and relatives volunteer to give advise to us. But nobody just listens to us. The hour of need is to just listen to the the person who is going through a bad phase and just let him or her vent out her emotions. It removes the heavy baggage from the heart and the person is able to take a better decision.

After this activity, I realized one thing that all the happy faces doesnt mean happy hearts for sure. Any person whom we meet with a smile or a person about whom we think that probably he has got the perfect life, is not true at all. Every person on his earth has got his own problems. When we feel that its only me who has got all the problems on the earth, should rather talk to other people and listen to them or rather visit an orphanage or similar kind of place.

Today was quite an emotional day wherin we all bonded more as a group and that was only because we did vent out our most vulnerable feelings and others just listened to us without judging us on anything.

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