Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Reached the big Milestone 30

"What is this fuss all about? Whats so great about being 30? Its not about the numbers but how do you feel inside your heart."

This is something I used to brag about to myself. ofcourse, I was in my early 20's then and was so full of life. yes, I am full of life now too but things were definitely different then. I was a free bird learning to fly, free to fall and rise again. I was free to explore anything anytime of the day. I was a dreamer trying to see my dreams into the reality in coming years. I had just gotten out of the college and was trying to adapt in the world to sustain my life.

 I was as chirpy as I could, I was as carefree which I am not now. I had a bunch of few friends who were centre of my world and we made funny plans to settle down all together in one house and live together forever. Little did we know that reality is too far away and has gone for holiday for some years but will surely come back on our face.

And It hit me rather sweet way. I got married at 25 and had a baby at 26. Pretty fast!!!  And my life took a turn upside down. My energy levels started to come down. I was not as enthusiastic as before. I had no aspirations left for myself. I started living for a tiny life which has come in this world and needed to be nurtured.
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Best four !!

But in the process I lost myself and nobody cared to shook me. As the baby grew up, I started to reconnect with myself. I started to explore options which could satisfy my career craves (word invented by me) and yes I was able to explore some opportunities which I could do from my home itself. As time passed by, I realised my true calling. I started to do things to enjoy rather than making an obligation from myself. I rediscovered my interest in reading and writing and wiped the dust off from my books and diaries.

Now when I look into the mirror, I see a confident woman with a charm on her face and she is not scared to take decisions for herself. Yes, her skin is not as clear as it used to be and she has got some dark patches on her rather flawless face but there are face creams available in the market to her rescue.

But  does that really matter now? Reaching this big milestone has taught me an important lesson of my life. And that is not to worry about the appearance too much (Mind me- I didnt say Never ;-) ) It is the heart of the person which makes him worth. Now I spend more time to improve my knowledge by reading and connecting with like minded people rather than spending hours in front of the mirror.
Now I enjoy solitude. I am not scared of going out alone nor do I find it funny spending time all alone.

In short, after reaching this milestone, I see myself as a strong woman who is ready to face any obstacle and is not scared to face the world all alone.

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