Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Men vs. Women

Or rather we should say Mars vs. Venus. A lot has been said. A lot of jokes are spreading laughter and lots of rumors are making rounds. One thing is common and that is the sensitive topic and that is on Women.

Recently, Mrs. funny bones lashed out by writing a wonderful blog which targeted the particular category of people in society whose views are quite misogynist. Check out her article here.

Twinkle Khanna
Mrs Funny Bones

To face such like minded people, we don’t need to look out there in the world. Mrs. Funny bones, very informatively, pointed out all those people in power and part of the ruling group of our country, whose opinions and actions very much prove their belief of misogyny.

Even though Kalpana Chawla reached Moon, Indira Gandhi took control of the largest democracy in the world, Mary Kom brought bronze to India from Olympics, Sania Nehwal making India proud, Malala Yusufzai from Pakistan being the youngest Nobel prize winner at the age of 17 and many many women out there breaking all the orthodox notions of keeping a women behind a veil.

These women have proved themselves and showed the world what they are capable of. There are the ones who are balancing out what ever life throws at them and proving themselves with their outstanding achievements.  But what they get in return ---- Criticism, preconceived opinion and demotivation and body shaming. Everything worked according to the comfort zone of society. Mrs. Funny bones mentioned Serena Williams who was also a victim of body shaming and that too on tennis ground. I may ask now whether people really came to see her game or to judge her body. She hasn’t proved herself and won accolades because of her fit body but because of her outstanding skills of playing tennis.

I remember an incident while in school; one of the girl quit playing basketball because her father didn’t want her to wear short skirts or shorts and display her legs. Now I wonder how beautiful boy’s legs seem and shorts must be banned for boys keeping in mind the dreadful view of dense hair on their legs. Isn’t that a torture to the audience who are getting a view of sweaty armpits out of their vests when their arms are up scoring a point to make their team win?  Am I body shaming? Oops !!
No, we will never do that. It’s only the women who end up being traumatized by this so called men dominated society. Right from the time we attain puberty, we are being taught not to talk about it loudly in front of father or brother or any male member of the family. It is considered as a taboo and not accepted positively in the society though this biological aspect of women’s body is actually the sole reason of growing population. I wonder if doctors also behaved the same way and we had different hospitals especially with male and female doctors respectively.

How much liberal our society may become, they will keep imposing certain rules on women, no matter how much talented they are.  In the end, I would ask people who are reading this to discuss openly with your kids that there is no difference in being a boy and a girl. If a boy can reach the moon, a girl is also not left behind.

She can achieve anything and everything and will continue to do so.

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